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2020 Tax Season is here.


Don’t Let Uncle Sam “Keep” Any Of Your Hard-Earned Money. Learn the Legal SECRET Of Filing your Tax Return And NOT Over-Paying
(With NO Fear Of An IRS Audit!) 


Dear Taxpayer:


A year ago Congress passed some very confusing new tax laws, which went into effect LAST tax season! By changing everything around the Trump Tax Plan (and the IRS) have made filing an accurate tax return almost impossible for regular hard-working taxpayers like you!

There have been sweeping changes like:

  • The Standard Deductions has increased

  • The Personal exemption was eliminated

  • Caregivers are losing two benefits under the new law

  • LLC, S Corps, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors get a new deduction

  • Elimination of miscellaneous deductions like investment fees, reimbursed job expenses, moving expenses and more.

And you can rest assured no IRS agent is going to show at your home and offer to give you an extra check for the tax refund money you didn’t know how to claim. (But if you owe THEM money…now that’s a different story. They’ll be on you like the siding on your house!)

Obviously, dealing with the IRS alone (especially THIS tax season)
is NOT recommended if you want real peace of mind once you’ve filed your tax return.

So what should you do about it?

Men with Calculator



Work with Us.


Meridian Tax Solutions Promises To Prepare Your Tax Return Correctly So You’ll Be “Keeping” The Money That’s Supposed To Be Yours.

  • NO more worrying if your taxes are filed right.

  • NO more time wasted at night after work (or worse, during YOUR weekend off) trying to figure out all these new forms and which ones you’re actually supposed to use.

  • NO more pressure! (Which means definitely NO more stress!)

We handle tax issues day after day, year after year, EVEN AFTER April 15th! That means no guess work on our part. Picture it: Your tax return filed right with the IRS, never having a panic attack about that middle of April deadline.  

Here’s what you’ll need to bring with you to your tax appointment:
Identity Documents
Income Documents
  • Proof of identification (Driver’s License, Government issued Photo I.D.).

  • Social Security Cards for you, your spouse and dependents. If you or your dependent is not eligible to get a Social Security Number, you may need to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN). We can help you do this.

  • Birth dates for you, your spouse and any dependents on the tax return.

  • Wage and earning statement(s) Form W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R, from all employers and payers. If you have not received your Forms W-2 from your employer and want to know what to do, we can help. Call us.

  • Self-employed business income and expenses - Forms 1099-MISC and 1099K.

  • Interest and dividend statements - Forms 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.

  • Social Security, State Income Tax refund and Unemployment Compensation statements - Forms SSA1099 and 1099-G.

  • Records of lottery or gambling winnings and losses.

  • Records of rental income and expenses, IRA contributions, and alimony paid or received.

  • Mortgage Interest Statement - Form 1098 (including home equity loans); and records of the purchase or sale of your residence.

  • Records of real estate and personal property taxes paid.

  • Records of state or local taxes paid (including sales tax*).

  • Records of canceled debt amounts - Form 1099-C.

  • Records of medical, eye care and dental expenses.

  • Receipts for cash and non-cash charitable contributions.

  • Tuition and Education Fees paid - Form 1098-T; and Student Loan Interest paid - Form 1098-E.

  • Records of educator expenses paid.

  • Records of moving expenses paid (only if military) and any casualty or theft losses (only in disaster relief areas)

  • Total amount paid for a day care provider and the day care provider's tax identifying number.

  • Records of any qualified energy efficient home improvements paid.

  • Health Insurance Marketplace Statement - Form 1095-A.

  • Health Coverage Statements from your Insurer or Employer - Form 1095-B/1095-C.

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