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Tax Season is Here!
Enjoy The Biggest Refunds Allowed By Uncle Sam!

The new tax season is here and we are prepared to offer you the same excellent and high standards of service you have received in the past.

With each new President there are a few shakeups and the Trumps Tax Act and Jobs plan has been one of them.  No doubt this year will bring unpredictability and change.  As your trusted professionals, we strive to bring calm when life seems chaotic.  Rest assured we will not let you down now.

Children/Student Tax Returns 

We strongly encourage you to have us prepare the tax returns of your dependent children.  Additionally, the education credits require information from both parent and to maximize these credits. We've seen FAR TOO MANY people owe more than they should because their dependent children filed alone and it was done incorrectly.  Get back EVERY CENT POSSIBLE!.

Yellow Dollar Coin
PLEASE provide your tax information as early as possible.

To avoid the deadline crunch, eliminate any last minute problems, and ensure a quicker turn‐around time set your appointment ASAP.  The sooner you book the better. Email us at at your earliest convenience to book your meeting. 

With the PPP, Stimimulus, EDIL Loans and more, this tax season will be unlike any other.  Be proactive and plan in advance.

IRS Issues, Resolution and Representation
Piggy Bank

If you owe back taxes & feel stressed or pressured as if there is no escape, we'll help you get things under control and back on track.  We are here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through.

 We can help, please call our office at 501-823-0605 and get peace of mind.  

Think About...
Top Tax Credits for Families

With tax season just starting, the number one question we get it usually "is there anyway to get back more money at tax time?".  The number one way for NON business owners to save in taxes and possibly get a larger refund are refundable tax credits.

January 04, 2021

Get a 1099?  Why record keeping is your new best friend.

Each tax season we have a 1099 rookie that dances into our office with their 1099 in tow, and not a single expense.  Often we'll ask about what system the rookie uses to keep track of expenses, but too often, there isn't one.  Big mistake.  if you are currently or plan to become a 1099 employee, make sure you read this.

January 08 2021

Coming Soon

     I'm a teacher and Jorel helped me with deductions I didn't even know I could use.  Thank you so much for your time and for caring.



— Traliza Cook from Sherwood, AR.

       The first time I met with you guys I felt like you cared that I understood.  Minister's taxes can be complicated but you all held my hand and explained everything. Thank you for sending me the mileage app.  That saved me a ton in taxes.



— Bishop R. Wright from Memphis, TN

     You guys were the first to help me change my paycheck withholdings and allowances so I didn't owe every year. I've referred my sister and neighbor.



— Mesha Willis from Litle Rock, AR

     I loved my session with Monica.  She asks so many questions and she's so thorough.  We got back more than we ever had before. 



— Danyell Martin. N. Little Rock, AR

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